ICAM know-how
in the management
of the wooden

Our company’s corporate philosophy is deeply rooted in fifty years of experience. The passion for what we do, together with a propensity for innovation, are the key to our presence on the market over time with excellent results.

Our cooperation with many companies in the furniture district of Livenza and Quartier del Piave, two of the most important production areas in Italy, has given us good insight into the trade’s requirements. Over the years we have developed specific know-how that we can now put to use in providing a wide range of solutions with which to supply the most suitable products for diverse, innovative projects.


Quality and sustainability guide our company’s choices for a more environmentally friendly future. Our panels have achieved FSC certification, guaranteeing the traceability of the materials we use, which come from certified, responsibly managed forests.

We give a clear, fair and transparent contribution to protecting the environment and maintaining natural communities through responsible forest management.

Richiedi i prodotti certificati FSC®


From father to son
the same passion

Through the generations our family business has been a point of reference for those involved in the furniture trade. From father to son we have transmitted a genuine passion for wood, commitment to our work and experience in identifying practical, effective solutions.

Our company unites several generations around the family values of honesty, professionalism and reliability. Nowadays we make use of new processes and cutting edge technologies to meet market demand more efficiently and rapidly.
Innovation and constantly updated skills have always been a part of our evolution, making us a modern company that looks to the future with optimism.


In the 1960s the furniture industry experienced a boom and Italy was at the centre of international design. Many furniture factories opened in the provinces of Treviso and Pordenone, in what became known as the Livenza furniture district. On an intuition, Gustavo Ros positioned himself as a specialised supplier of panels for this growing business and founded ICAM.


The computer revolution brought about huge changes in the company. Panel making began to use new technological instruments and computer-aided machinery, which provided more precision and speeded up production. ICAM is always in step with the times.


The company’s expansion created a need for bigger premises and ICAM moved from Maron di Brugnera to its current facilities at Sacile. A large new structure helps us have bigger quantities and a wider variety of panels available from stock.



Our dream team

We are a successful team: we believe in people, the strength of a group, and the continuous improvement of our human capital in order to deliver quality work with enthusiasm and competence.

Working as a team in the company and with our customers, we earn the trust we have been given and are committed to creating sound, durable relationships based on keeping our word, being there for our customers and maintaining a strict eye on deadlines.

Creating value today means going beyond the supply of products to offering special solutions for every customer’s particular needs, focussing on relationships, prompt response and after-sales service.