Always by
your side!

We are partners for our customers, not just suppliers. Our efficient consultancy and after-sales services enable us to quickly find the best project and production solution.

ICAM can supply any type of panel on the market and accurately perform operations such as cutting, squaring, edging, routing and material binding. Scrupulous quality control of materials and semifinished parts, both incoming and outgoing, means we can deliver reliable panels that comply perfectly with requirements.

Our ample facilities make it possible to run a warehouse for customised products on behalf of our customers. We provide transport with our own vehicles to ensure fast, punctual deliveries.


ICAM can supply any type of panel rapidly. Our facilities host an exceptional internal warehouse with 2,000m3 of many types of wood-derived products in stock. Special needs can be catered for in reserved warehouse areas where customised products can be kept on behalf of our customers.

Quick delivery

We know how important it is to receive panels as quickly as possible to facilitate competitive production. That’s why our company has invested in transport and uses its own fleet to ensure punctual deliveries wherever you are. Partial loads are usually delivered within a 100 km radius in five working days. Full loads, which may also be mixed, are delivered within a 300/400 km radius two days from receipt of the order, if the panels are uncut, and within five working days if they require sizing.

Panel sizing

We do precise cutting and sizing on all types of panels, including extra large ones. The work is done to measure, strictly based on the customer’s specific requirements.
Technologically advanced machinery allows us to rationalise production costs and time, reducing rejects and optimising cutting so that our customers can offer advantageous, competitive conditions.


Our skilled personnel do CNC routing, from cutting to milling, from drilling to shaping, to order and to customers’ drawings. Careful attention is paid to every detail of the panels, and CNC machines ensure accurate production and many opportunities to customise the finished product.

Semi-finished parts for furniture

We are a benchmark for companies in the furniture industry. We produce semi-finished parts for quality furniture, e.g. edged doors, faced profiles, shelves, side panels and tops. Panels are completed with several types of operations and finishes: squaring, edging and facing. We provide a complete service and take scrupulous care of every detail.

Quality control

We guarantee top quality by carefully selecting raw materials and suppliers. Every day our trade partners send us new supplies so that our warehouse can constantly stock a wide range of panel types, all of which are in line with market demand.
All operations are carried out in our facilities and each order is tracked by qualified personnel who accurately control both incoming and outgoing quality.


We have high production flexibility to execute orders as quickly as possible. We are always ready to respond rapidly even to urgent requests because we can change batches fast, in 60/90 minutes. Our efficient order management system and the use of technologically advanced machinery help us reduce operating time while still maintaining excellent quality for the finished product.

Consultancy and after-sales service

Our company’s strength is in its customer service. Whoever employs ICAM as a supplier of panels knows that at any time they can count on a team of professionals who will provide qualified assistance in choosing the most suitable product and deal with any doubts. We are ready to cooperate with our customers by offering personal consultancy to find bespoke solutions and support design activities for the development of special projects.