CARB Plywood

CARB Plywood is the panel that has passed the health requirements set by the California Air Resource Board. It can be used to make fixtures and furniture characterised by the very low emission of formaldehyde.
The CARB Plywood is produced using different sheets of wood that are crossed and glued together. Special glues are used to ensure minimal or no formaldehyde releases. The limit laid down in this Regulation for plywood is 0.05 parts per million. From June 2018, panels and products containing them, such as furniture, must comply with this certification in order to be sold on the American market. CARB Plywood panels have an identification code on the back that allows the traceability of the product and guarantees compliance with the standards required by the certification. ICAM, which has always been attentive to the selection of quality raw materials, the environment and health, has a ready stock of CARB Plywood panels in different thicknesses and sizes.

CARB Plywood deliveries

ICAM has a ready stock and makes rapid deliveries throughout the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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