Fire retardant particleboard

The fire retardant particleboard is characterised by properties that reduce flammability and slow down the spread of fire. It is produced starting from wood chips that are kneaded, glued using special fireproof glues and hot pressed.
When making the fire retardant particleboard, care is taken not to use fire retardant products that contain asbestos and may be harmful to health. This type of product is particularly suitable for use in public premises, offices, exhibition stands and in general in all environments that require the use of materials able to offer fire resistance. The fire retardant particleboard allows to realize coverings, walls, ceilings, mezzanines and furnishing elements. ICAM has a wide range of chipboard panels for all requirements:
fire retardant particleboard,
recycled ecological chipboard,
virgin wood chipboard,
100% poplar chipboard,
water-repellent chipboard.

Fire retardant particleboard deliveries

ICAM has product availability in stock and is able to deliver quickly to the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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