Fire retardant plywood

Fire retardant plywood is a panel that combines fire resistance performance with ease of cutting and drilling.
The laminated panels are made of sheets of wood that are glued together with the fibres arranged alternately to ensure greater stability and strength. Before being glued, the sheets are treated with fire retardant glues to reduce flammability and limit the possible spread of flames. ICAM is able to supply fire retardant plywood in various sizes, thicknesses and dimensions. The panels are sized according to customer requirements, using modern numerical control machines. The machining operations are very precise: they make it possible to optimise cuts and reduce waste. In addition to fire retardant plywood, ICAM has other types of layered panels such as poplar, birch, beech, conifer and Okumè plywood. For each project you can find the most suitable product.

Fire retardant plywood deliveries

ICAM has a wide range of panels in stock. The shipment takes place quickly throughout the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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