MDF light

MDF light is a material particularly suitable for the manufacture of furniture, doors and cabinets, easy to work and handle.
Compared to the standard version, MDF light panels are characterised by a lower density of wood fibres and a lower specific weight: 600 kg/m3. They also retain the qualities of compactness and paintability typical of the Medium Density Fibreboard family. ICAM offers an assortment of MDF light panels, available in different thicknesses, qualities and sizes, even in large sizes. You can request the sizing in the desired format. The processing is carried out with extreme precision and speed thanks to the use of computerised numerical control machines. The use of modern technology makes it possible to reduce rejects and optimise the cut, making the supply conditions more advantageous.
The availability of these products is in stock. Thanks to a warehouse of 2,500 square meters, constantly renewed in stock.

MDF light deliveries

ICAM is at your service for supply in Northern Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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