Medium Density Fibreboard


Light - Ultralight

MDF light is a wood fibre material distinguished by its light weight. Its manufacture mainly involves resinous wood from conifer trunks, and it can be used for all the operations typical of standard MDF, with the advantage of reducing wear on tools and facilitating handling. Using MDF light saves on finished product transport because it optimises load volume.

Slim HDF

The distinguishing feature of panels made of fibre from broadleaved trees is high density. The particularly compact surfaces lend themselves to top quality finishing and painting.

Waterproof MDF

Ideal for use in damp places, these panels maintain the compactness and versatility of MDF.

Flameproof MDF

Made with asbestos-free fireproof products, it is particularly suitable for places frequented by people, such as public offices and trade fair stands, and in any area requiring flameproof materials.

Melamine Faced mdf

Faced with melamine paper, these compact and dimensionally stable MDF panels meet the requirements of the most demanding interior designers. The surface of MDF is faced with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resins which, when pressed under heat penetrate the paper and form a completely homogeneous surface layer. Melamine faced MDF can be used for countless purposes: on all furniture and wall components, lacquered or with a melamine finish.

Standard MDF

The most famous and widespread member of the wood fibre panel family, suitable for a host of uses.

Compact MDF

A material designed for high performance with routing and milling operations, as well as easy painting.

MDF super panel

The king of MDF panels, suitable for in-depth routing, incisions and complex operations requiring high standards of precision and finish. It is tops for paint yield.

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