Particle Board


Ecological recycled particle board

Made with 100% recycled wood. The bigger particles are concentrated in the centre, with the finer ones on the outer edges, providing a compact surface suitable for many different uses. This product has low environmental impact as it is recycled and recyclable.

100% poplar particle board

The use of natural poplar wood gives light colours and guarantees lightweight, compact panels.

Fireproof particle board

Made of recycled or virgin wood with additives and asbestos-free fireproof products. It is particularly suitable for places frequented by people, such as public offices and trade fair stands, and in any area requiring flameproof materials.

Virgin wood particle board

Made entirely of virgin wood, this type of board performs well with folding technology and reduces tool wear considerably.

Waterproof particle board

Made of recycled or virgin wood, this type of board is suitable for use in damp environments.

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