Ultra light MDF

For the supply of ultra light MDF panels entrusted to ICAM. The company is specialised in supplying companies in the furniture sector with products suitable for the most diverse needs. Thanks to a warehouse of 2,500 square meters, we have an assortment with all qualities of Medium Density Fibreboard.
The main feature of theultra light MDF is lightness. Compared to the standard version, it is distinguished by its minimum fibre density and low specific weight: 500 kg/m3. These features make the panel machining easier: it is easier to manoeuvre and reduces tool wear and tear. The low weight of this product also reduces transport costs and optimises loading space. ICAM has ultra light MDF panels in different thicknesses, qualities and dimensions in stock. It is possible to request a customised supply thanks to the custom sizing service, performed with CNC precision machines.

Ultra light MDF deliveries

ICAM makes fast deliveries throughout the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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