Water resistant MDF

MDF water resistant panels are the solution you are looking for to make kitchen and bathroom furniture or subfloors that are able to withstand humidity.
The water resistant MDF, in addition to having the characteristics of compactness and versatility typical of this product, is suitable for use in wet environments. It is made using special thermosetting melamine and phenolic glues that can withstand the conditions of environments subject to the presence of humidity, steam and condensation. In addition, the panels are treated with a paraffin emulsion that prevents water absorption. MDF water resistant panels can be requested in the desired dimensions, even in large format. ICAM performs accurate custom sizing work quickly through the use of CNC machines. Immediate availability thanks to a warehouse of 2,500 square meters constantly renewed in stock and assortment.

Water resistant MDF deliveries

From the headquarters in Sacile, in the province of Pordenone, fast shipments are carried out throughout the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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