It makes fixtures and furniture with greater attention to health. CARB MDF is the material that allows to build products that ensure a low emission of formaldehyde. The raw panel is extremely versatile and can be coated with melamine, laminates, paint and film.
CARB MDF panels are manufactured in accordance with the standards laid down in the California Air Resource Board, valid from 2018 throughout the United States. The regulation sets the limit in formaldehyde emissions at 0.11 parts per million for fibreboard, such as MDF, and 0.13 parts per million for thin MDF, i.e. up to 8 mm thick. To guarantee the correct production and to allow the traceability of these products, the back of each panel is marked with a specific code. In addition to CARB MDF, ICAM is able to provide a complete range of products:
CARB Particle Board,
water resistant particle board,
moisture resistant particle board,
fire retardant particle board,
MDF light,
ultra light MDF,
water resistant MDF,
CARB plywood,
fire retardant plywood.

CARB MDF deliveries

ICAM is able to make quick deliveries throughout the North East of Italy, Austria and Slovenia.

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